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Sitar Indian

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  Shop U207, Cresta Regional Shopping Centre
    Johannesburg / Gauteng


"The Best Indian Restaurant in Joburg. Delcious food, great service and ambience and value for money" Catherine Rieckhoff - Eat Out Magazine, 2012

We have also been reviewed as the Top 1000 restaurants in South Africa 3 years in a row by Eat Out Magazine (2010,2011 and 2012)

Our food is made from the finest ingredients in true India style. Our chefs are very experienced and therefore prepare authentic North and a few South Indian dishes. The menus are designed to give the party a variety of dishes to suit different palates. You can also arrange to have all your meals at one strength for quicker preparation for a bigger party.

What is the meaning of Sitar?
The sitar is a plucked stringed instrument. It produces a very rich sound and plays a very large role in our indian music. It is predominantly used in Indian classical music since the Middle Ages.

This instrument is used throughout the Indian subcontinent. Legendary sitar player Ravi Shankar, father of the famous Grammy winning artist Nora Jones, was one of the first musicians to introduce the Sitar into Western music. George Harrison, a member of The Beatles, began experimenting with the sitar in 1965.

The two eventually met due to this common interest and became close friends which led to the sitar being played in The Beatles music in songs such as “Norwegian Wood”.

We use the name Sitar as it appeals to the East and West, as is with our restaurant.