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Geet Indian Restaurant

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  541 Fehrsen Str, Brooklyn
    Pretoria / Tshwane


Not you’re average Indian restaurant - defining Indian cuisine.

Travel the "spice route" with us - Great food is only part of the story!

Unmistakable authenticity of cuisine forms the very basis of a meal experience at Geet. Our chefs have been iconic to our tradition of excellence as it is their creations that reflect our commitment to serving food that dazzles and delights…..
Another reason for our success has been our décor. The interiors are modern, trendy, comfortable and relaxed. Geet's has constantly strived to offer the best of contemporary and nouvelle Indian cuisine- winner of numerous accolades and awards, Geet's has the distinction of being the very first Indian restaurant in South Africa to have a global reach.

We are considered as the “temple of Indian cuisine” and the “culinary trend setter to the nation”.

Geet has been instrumental in setting the standards for Indian cuisine not just for the nation but internationally as well.
Winner of numerous accolades and internationally awarded, here Geet has the distinction of being the very first Indian restaurant to be so highly prestigious in society.
For the better part of 10 years Geet has been responsible for shaping the South African hospitality industry with some of the most successful restaurant concepts and food’s . Geet restaurant has also hosted ministerial dinners for international heads of state, diplomats- hyderabad and some of the most exclusive food and wine gourmet events in South Africa.

Geet restaurant takes you on a culinary journey into the grandeur of undivided India. Explore the rich streams of Indian cuisine. The richness and tradition of Indian cuisine is yours to relish and we at Geet's lovingly cherish this opportunity to serve you with heartfelt joy.

“Surrender to the unforgettable taste of Geet”