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Laughing Chefs

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  217 Soutpansberg Road
    Pretoria / Tshwane


Laughing Chefs, the dream of Mother and Daughter team Maggie and Esrida. This dream was born in 2009, and what started out of need soon blossomed into something bigger and better. The business that was supposed to provide for our life suddenly became our life, our passion, our hopes and our determination.

We started small, catering for private functions and intimate get-togethers. But you cannot contain an atomic bomb, and so we soon exploded into something bigger. Expanding our repertoire to include corporate functions, we soon also got involved with art exhibitions, product launches, book launches and golf days. Then came our first wedding, and the final bug bit – doing flowers, decor, themes and set-up. We had the whole package, we could do any event from the planning and the organising to the coordination and management.

After a while we grew restless – wanting more is not always a bad thing. This itch propelled us forwards, and soon we started looking for a small place to call home of Laughing Chefs. Many opportunities came our way, every time something happening that stops us from finalising the transaction. And then, our current home came our way. By way of miracles, grace and a lot of mercy we acquired 217 Soutpansberg Road, a wonderful space in the busy Rietondale.

Here in our part of paradise we run a restaurant, tapas bar and venue. We are perfect for birthdays, celebrations, weddings, christenings, kitchen teas, pamper parties, bachelorettes and much more. As if that is not enough, we also host music shows and other performances, have an art gallery that will officially launch in May and an open air photography studio.

We rest on Mondays, and some Sundays, during the week we are mostly restaurant and tapas bar, with corporate functions thrown in the mix, and over weekends we have function after function after function. In between there are shows, beer and wine tastings, special launches and other interesting going-ons. Be sure to not miss out – check back regularly to find out what we are doing now!